Our Platforms

Our platforms are initiated and led by our core team. They are evolving experiments, constantly iterating to deepen our impact, and are incessantly seeking out opportunities to partner with organisations and their efforts.  


My Big Dream

Online tool - helping young people find out what's important to them. 

We start by asking you question that helps you dream big. From there we start a conversation to help connect you to next steps and challenges to put your dreams into action.

Changemakers Tribes

Online/Offline Community - it's all about finding your people. Connecting with like-minded passionate people wanting to make a difference in their communities & wanting to make good stuff happen. 

The tribes meet up on a monthly basis to connect! 

Support My Project

Online Platform - where young changemakers can share and showcase their impact projects, ask for help and find teammates and volunteers. Where changemakers can find opportunities to get involved in projects and collaborate with like-minded people.

Everyday Heroes

Online Database of Stories of Young People making a difference. Everyday Heroes recognises the small and large differences young people are making in their communities. Capturing, sharing and inspiring others, Everyday Heroes creates content that captures hearts and minds.