Empowering all young people to live a life that makes them come alive.


A youth-for-youth network creating & supporting projects to empower young people.


Y4Y Labs

An online tool to help young people discover their passions, through connecting them to people, opportunities & projects in their community.

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YE Fund

An online & offline community for changemakers to connect & collaborate on projects and ideas to make a difference.

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Youth Voice

An online platform for young people to share & get involved in projects that they care about.

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Our Community's Projects

An online media platform sharing & celebrating stories of everyday young people who are making a difference in their communities.

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Our Community

Youth Empowerment

We wish to open up the conversation to all young people passionate about empowering young people. We believe young people are complex beings who all have unique experiences of life. In our community we explore social issues, possible barriers & opportunities to empowering young people in all areas of society. 


Our Collaborations

Shaping Systems

We believe that we must work on all fronts to really make a difference for young people. Therefore we work with youth service providers, local government and organisations working to empower young people, to ensure there's meaningful youth participation & co.creation.