Our Collaborations

Our collaborations are projects that we worked on with and for organisations who wish to support, empower or engage with young people. As a community we aim to support existing organisations on their projects & programmes, to deepen their impact, expand their reach, empower their youth communities.


Youthline Website Support

A crew of us went over to Youthline on a Saturday to spend a half-day to jam on their website ensuring that the content was updated, useful, relevant and youth-focused. 

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Festival for the future 2016 CoDesign

For the 2016 Festival for the Future - we worked with the core programme design team to bring in potential ticket holders, supporters and target groups to inform, design and create the festival from the ground up. We hosted 4 Co.Design workshops, with around 170 people in the process of designing & contributing to the programme. 


Converge Conference

We worked with Kaipatiki Community Facilities Trust to provide 2 workshops and MC the event. The workshops were based on our platform projects; My Big Dream as well as the topic of Public Speaking. 


Auckland Council Empowered Communities Approach

In 2016 from Jan-May - we worked alongside the Empowered Communities Team supporting the Human Centred Design Process, as we helped ensure the authenticity of the process. Presenting the concepts at the Youth Voice Auckland Summit that same year.